Outgoing Captain’s Report 2015-2016

This year has been very successful for CUSBC. There was a very good intake of new members at the beginning of the year and by mid-Michaelmas the range was busy and scores were improving at a promising rate. Special mention must go to Sam Sharma for his efforts setting up novices and Charlotte Sayers for successfully organising both the fresher’s fair and the open days.

The internal competitions demonstrated the good influx of new members with both the Novice and New Members competitions receiving an impressive number of entrants. The results were as follows; Cuppers was won by Trinity, made up of Alexis De Vivenot and Chris Bowring making a score of 384 together, mixed Cuppers was won by Caius/St Catherine’s made up of Fergus Flanagan and William Johnson with a score of 386. The overall individual competition was won by Fergus Flanagan with 296, Top Novice was Fenella Chesterfield with 286 and Top New Member was William Johnson with 295.

BUCs this year wasn’t hampered by the administrative difficulties that it was last year (missing signatures at our end and missing cards at the other), and complements must go to Chris Bowring for his eagle eyed checking of all of the cards before they were sent off. On the individual side Fergus Flanagan made it to the final but unfortunately couldn’t attend. Special mention must go to William Johnson for being placed 21st overall in his first attempt at BUCs. Disappointingly the team didn’t make it to the final due to one card not being completed.

There was a flurry of matches after Christmas with a good attendance to all of them. The first match against RGS at the Lord Robert’s Centre was hotly contested and we were unlucky to come away second best with 1497 to RGS’s 1506, the top score for Cambridge came from William Johnson with an impressive 194. This result actually demonstrated the depth of CUSBC as we put down a very respectable score with half of the team made up of novices.

The next match was against Sevenoaks, four intrepid members of CUSBC made the unusually snowless journey down south. CUSBC unfortunately lost with a score of 1456 to Sevenoaks’ 1492, perhaps unsettled by the unusually good road conditions.

The usual Captain vs Secretary Match took place at Queen Elizabeth Way with the captain’s team coming out victorious, 1321 to 1316 over seven firers.

Then came our usual fixture against GOGs where they whipped us as usual with 1555-1515 to GOGs. It was a very good spirited match as usual and is a great one to be able to keep on the calender. An impressive top score for CUSBC came from Charlotte Sayers with 196.

The Heslop and Bentata were held at the Lord Robert’s centre on Sunday the 28th of February. The Heslop was won this year by Cambridge with a score of 1515-1462, with top score coming from Fergus Flanagan with 196. The Bentata was narrowly lost this year by 717-725, with Charlotte Sayers top scoring with 191.

The final matches of the year took place on the last weekend of term and saw a clean sweep for Cambridge. The Kensington was won with 1482-1440 with James Xiao top scoring with 190. It is worth mentioning that the 1482 scored by the Kensington team was 20 points higher than the O*****d score in the Heslop, a very strong and encouraging performance. The Ex-Captain’s Challenge was won with 1381.3 – 1268. And finally the Lerman was won with 852 to OURC’s 706 with the top score of 238 from Fergus Flanagan.

It has been a great pleasure to captain CUSBC this year and I am very grateful for all of the help that I have received from my committee; special mention going to Charlotte Sayers for keeping the club, and myself, function behind the scenes.

Half Blues are awarded to:

  • Jonathan Waite
  • Charlotte Sayers
  • William Johnson
  • Michael Boucher
  • Fergus Flanagan


Club colours are awarded to:

  • James Xiao
  • John Darlison
  • Em Mason
  • Krit Sitathani
  • Mark Deng
  • Alex Fellows
  • Lauren Stokeld
  • Greg Brooks

Fergus Flanagan

CUSBC Captain 2015-16