Outgoing Captain’s Message

In terms of matches and results CUSBC has had a very strong year culminating in winning all 5 varsity matches, a feat to be applauded as always. The club has also seen a strong intake and retention of members and the social side of the club is as strong as ever.

The start of our rifle replacement programme has been highly successful and my thanks go to Harriet Nuttall for overseeing this. We were also incredibly grateful of the alumni support for the plan and their generous donations.

Michaelmas saw the usual setup of new members and our thanks go out to Bill Cowell who gave a huge amount of his time to assist with this with impressive results. The internal competitions saw a high participation rate and rounded off the term brilliantly. My thanks go to Michael Boucher for organising these. Cuppers was won for Peterhouse by Fred Hill and Emily Mason with 383/400. Emily also won the Novice Competition and Charlotte Sayers won both the Individual and New Member Competitions.

Lent term saw an impressive number of matches with an equally impressive turnout to them all which I hope will continue into next year. This year saw the return of the Captain versus Secretary Match, and despite the fiercely competitive nature of the sides selected it provided a friendly introduction to shoulder-to-shoulder matches. The Secretary’s team were ultimately victorious with 946/1000 to the Captain’s 932/1000.  An effort to rekindle matches against other universities saw a home match against Imperial. CUSBC was once again victorious with the 1st VIII 1528/1600, followed by the Cambridge 2nd VIII with 1508/1600, closely followed by Imperial with 1502/1600. Our regular fixture against GOGS was much closer than normal. Cambridge scored an impressive 1546/1600, coming within just 8 points of GOGS’ 1554/1600. In the build up to the first varsity matches another strong turnout was seen for the match against Gresham’s Rifle Club. Gresham’s were victorious with 1523/1600 narrowly beating Cambridge who scored 1521/1600 with the outcome decided by the final shooter. In third place was Cambridge’s 2nd team with 1456/1600 beating Gresham’s 2nd team who scored 1448/1600. Another home match, this time against RGS Guildford, saw Cambridge victorious once more with a score of 1500/1600 to RGS’ 1490/1600. My thanks go to Max Traynor for organising these many matches.

The Heslop and Bentata Varsity matches were held on Sunday 15th February at the Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley. Fiercely strong competition for places saw an impressive final squad who were victorious in both matches on the day. The Heslop was won with a score of 1522/1600 to Oxford’s 1473/1600. The Bentata was won with a score of 746/800 to Oxford’s 687/800.

The season was concluded with the final 3 Varsity matches held on the 14th March, and once again CUSBC was victorious in all 3. With Bill Cowell once again having passed on his expertise, a strong Lermann team was victorious with a score of 968/1200 to Oxford’s 838/1200. The Kensington was won by Cambridge with a score of 1502/1600 to Oxford’s 1364/1600. The Ex-Captains’ Challenge was won once again by Cambridge with a score of 1462/1600 to Oxford’s 1048/1600.

I would finally like to personally thank all of this season’s committee for their hard work all year, in particular Michael Boucher and Fred Hill as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Best of luck to the incoming Captain Fergus Flanagan.

Simon Armstrong

CUSBC Captain 2014/2015