CUSBC win the Heslop and Bentata

The Small Bore Rifle Varsity match was held on Saturday 15th February, at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley. Shooting started around 11:00, but with a two hour drive to get there that still meant an early start. After a 1 point win last year and consecutive Cambridge victories from 2008, the pressure was on to perform.

This year’s team was a relatively inexperienced one, with only three of the eight shooters having shot in the 1st VIII Varsity before, although all had shot in important matches. Three of the four members of last year’s Women’s 1st IV returned to it this year, as well as making the 1st VIII, and were joined by a previous 1st VIII shooter to make a very strong ladies’ team.

The match itself proceeded without incident and we ensured that the correct gauge was used to score after last year’s cards had to be completely re-marked. All the scoring was done at the end of the match so no one really knew who was in the lead as there were similar scores from both sides. The final score for the 1st VIII were Cambridge 1505, Oxford 1496 ex 1600 and for the Women’s 1st IV were Cambridge 753, Oxford 719 ex 800, continuing our winning streak. The top score was achieved by Harriet Nuttall and Elizabeth Potter with 194. Along with David Firth, scoring 193, they earned Half Blues.



This weekend we will be facing Oxford again at the BUCS finals in Staveley and then on 15th March for the 2nd VIII, 3rd VIII and 3 Position Varsity matches here in Cambridge.


Jonathan Waite

CUSBC Captain 2013-14